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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that often come up:

Q: What is the ideal number of sessions?

A: This is a very individual choice depending on many factors - availability,

     finances, and what is being discussed. I work with each client to

     understand what the issues are and then determine goals together.

Q: Do you provide diagnoses?

A: As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, I do not provide diagnoses. For this

     and any other service I don't offer, I am able to provide referrals to other

     professionals who can help.

Q: How does couples counselling work?

A: The options are:

1)    meet with you both together and make a plan for future meetings

       with each/both of you;

2)    meet individually with each of you and then go from there - possibly

       meeting together if that’s what you both decide;

3)    meet individually with one of you if the other does not want to meet

       (this can be clarified by an email directly from each person to me).

Any of these options works for me. Whatever the case, I’d generally email both of you together to clarify and keep everyone in the loop.

Q: In couples counselling, what if I want to keep working with you, but my partner doesn't?

A: Once I have met with both members of a couple, if one member does not
    wish to continue, they would need to email or text me letting me know
    that they do not wish to continue. Then, the other member of the couple
    can continue or not continue if they wish.

Q: For parenting counselling, do you see the child/children also?

A: While I have over 15 years of experience working with children, I 
    generally work with
parents in understanding their child or children more
    and learning to
connect with and support them. I can provide referrals for
    colleagues who
work with children and work as a team.

Q: Do you offer counselling over videoconference or phone?

A: Yes, at the moment, until further notice, all sessions are being held via

     video or phone.

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